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All Facilities


Books are knowledge of treasure. Our school Library organized and maintained for the use of the growing intellects of the institution. In more traditional sense, a Library is collection of books. However our Library collection of media and storing information on all the subjects it has been developed enlightens and guide young minds towards books. These books take young minds to valley of superstition, mystery adventure and past.

Library is a place to quench our thirst for knowledge and the books acts like a soothing balm when the human mind is surrounded with travels and worries.

Library also provides vast access to the books on education and teaching aids to equip it academic staff with scientific and systematic approach for distribution of knowledge amongst their students. Subject No. Of books
1 Art & Craft 23
2 Atlas 8
3 Biographies 20
4 Books Of Great Writers 78
5 Computers 148
6 Dictonries 13
7 Eminante Personality of the world 3
8 Encyclopedia 20
9 English Litrature 181
10 English Language 125
11 English Stories 480
12 EVS 36
13 Genral Knowledge 122
13 Hindi Litrature 181
14 Hindi Stories 100
15 Kids Books 248
16 World History 95
17 Class Books 1004
18 Writing Books Hindi 154
19 Writing Books English 181