From the Principal's Desk

We want to make a difference with the professional college of this region as a leader in innovative practice. Apart from providing amenities and platform for studies, an educational institute also gives a very intense experience to its students. The impressions and effects of an institution last for a lifetime and thus it is a major factor in building character and personality of a student. The College is committed to recognize the meritorious students on the basis of their performance in annual result of University. This will certainly create a healthy competition and will be an encouragement for meritorious students.

Why MSI?

The MSI provides a specialist education in many different spheres. It specializes in a fully boarding education and has done so consistently and without wavering from this core characteristic. The greatest strengths of the school spring from the quality of the human relationships throughout the community and the sense of companionship that these engender. The full boarding environment encourages a strong sense of community and helps to develop friendships that will be sustained – and be sustaining – in life beyond the School.

  1. Our boarding education is aimed at Indian boys from throughout India and overseas. It is therefore able to inculcate India’s rich and diverse history, heritage and tradition in its pupils.
  2. The school is secular and thus is open to boys from all states, socio-economic backgrounds, castes and religions.
  3. The school’s inspiration and foundation came from the best of the British independent school sector, with S.R. Das’s insistence that it should be an egalitarian and secular environment welcoming boys from every background and region in India. The combination of that founding vision and the desire to provide that best educational practice to boys in India makes the school a unique boarding environment in India. It also provides the school with its unusual position of being a national brand with a global reach and reputation, and an international outlook.
  4. The school’s proven track record in producing outstanding leaders in all walks of life has given Doon and its alumni a worldwide reputation.
  5. The school offers a choice of the IB or the ISC and has a recent track record of excellent examination results and first class university and college placements at home and abroad.

Our mission & vision

Our mission is “To attract and develop exceptional boys and teachers from all backgrounds to serve a meritocratic India; inspire them to be just and ethical citizens; train them to be wise and principled leaders; and prepare them to enter one of the strongest alumni fraternities – for life.”

Our vision is to take The Doon School to its rightful position among the world’s pre-eminent educational institutions for boys aged 12-18 years.


Art Craft Resoure Center

To make young girls well-versed in various household managerial chores, a number of culinary, innovative, aesthetic and creative activities are taught by the expert

IT Resoure Center

The computer lab consists of many systems with well equipped networking with advance technology and internet facilities for all the students including the Faculty members make use of networking and Operate the system with internet.


The Library supports the college’s vision of developing “confident, connected, actively involved life-long learners” through its services, collections, and programme. Learners are at the centre of learning in the library.

Mathematical Resoure Center

In line with the philosophy of experience learning, School provides a well equipped Mathematics Lab to enhance the understanding of the subject by practical means.


You never know what positive things music will unlock in your life until you try it. You just will never know, for some people music is their outlet. For some people it’s their social connection to other people.

Psychology Resoure Center

The Psychology Lab is here to help and support your learning experience in psychology. The lab is a staffed facility with individuals who are trained to provide assistance in all uses of the lab.

  • we are surrounded with the faculty members, who are very co-operative and hard working. They provide their constant support with the help of which I am able to secure 79.9 % marks


  • Our College is like a furnace in which students are like raw material and the faculty moulds this raw material into a finished product for holding their best in this competitive world.


  • the environment including my companion students and faculty members helped at each point of difficulties. Without their support I was not able to secure second position in my college.