• Art Craft Resoure Center

    To make young girls well-versed in various household managerial chores, a number of culinary, innovative, aesthetic and creative activities are taught by the expert facilitator in the well ventilated, fully equipped and modern facilitated Home Science Lab of the college.

  • IT Resoure Center

    The computer lab consists of many systems with well equipped networking with advance technology and internet facilities for all the students including the Faculty members make use of networking and Operate the system with internet.

  • Library

    The Library supports the college’s vision of developing “confident, connected, actively involved life-long learners” through its services, collections, and programme. Learners are at the centre of learning in the library.

  • Mathematical Resoure Center

    In line with the philosophy of experience learning, School provides a well equipped Mathematics Lab to enhance the understanding of the subject by practical means.

  • Music

    You never know what positive things music will unlock in your life until you try it. You just will never know, for some people music is their outlet. For some people it’s their social connection to other people.

  • Psychology Resoure Center

    The Psychology Lab is here to help and support your learning experience in psychology. The lab is a staffed facility with individuals who are trained to provide assistance in all uses of the lab.

  • Science Resoure Center

    Biology lab is equipped with well-equipped instruments, microscopes, computer and it gives relevant information about the unicellular and multicellular organisms by keeping the specimens of all multicellular organisms.

  • Sports

    Sports Lab is a new generation health care centre where Integrated Assessment and Treatment Systems provide a new approach to injury management, performance improvement and total body care.